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Option Capital Management Group (OCMG)  created Option Cap, it presents unique solutions to traders  around the world that are tailored towards approaching the broader markets. By combining proficiency in regulated markets together with expertise in the analysis of both historical and live stock data, financial news, technical indicators, and market sentiment to predict future stock prices, Option Cap is poised to provide users with accurate stock News for optimum trade, with detailed video tutorial on teaching investors to trade on our own platform, Latest News update about the Global Stocks Market, full indicator tools to help traders in their analysis of price chart.

Option Cap is a world-class multi-asset trading signals platform  company incorporated under Malaysia’s law as a Private Limited Corporation ( Sdn Bhd) Malaysia located at S13-11 jalan kiara 163 retail mall mont kiara, Kuala lumpur 50480. Option Cap has successfully undergone several strategic processes to ensure a solid and an impeccable online presence, as well as brand recognition in Malaysia, as well as globally. Some of the strategic steps include, but are not limited to, building a well-structured website with a standard site architecture, (in view) continues to gain more global recognition and presence as an advanced AI-powered stock exchange signals platform, but has, in the medium time, been able to secure a standard and well – positioned office facility in a central business district in one of the best neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur. At Option Cap, we acknowledge that having a physical office facility is equally as important as having a strong online presence. Our flagship office facility is positioned to depict transparency, accountability, community presence, and passion.

Below is a alternative investment plan that allow traders that they doesn’t want to trade on their own, so they can leave it to the hands of the in-house traders that OCMG provide. No 3rd party traders is allow to trade on your behalf, only trader who is selected by OCMG are allowed. Trader’s stats are provided in this site. 


STEP 1: Choose a suitable plan.
STEP 2: Click on Agree T&C
STEP 3: Fill in the form and make payment

*For example: Depending on how much you invest, if you invest RM30000 which is 30units + bonus = profit per unit x 30units + bonus. Bonus is based on company extra earnings on the same day.

Profit per unit will be updated every single day. Client who is entitled to bonus, please e-mail us for status. Unlimited withdrawal. Min withdrawal is RM10. Profit will be pay to the bank account you provide. All bank account must be the same person who signed up a trading account on our platform. Any differences, our company will not pay due to security reason. Phonecall will be made to the account holder to verify status.

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